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The issues cited here are real. They are sad issues, and tough issues, they may make you think and feel or they may make you turn away in disgust. It is not pleasant to think about what we've done and the unpleasantness continues, but you can help. Be aware and give what you can. Whether it be dollars to support a cause or time to involve yourself in one or perhaps it is your thoughts and awareness that will help. For each and every one of us that are appalled by the treatment of animals that is an additional voice, an additional vote, in their favor. I encourage you to write to our government officials on both a local and national level. Let your voice be heard.


You can ponder, if you will, before reading further, the big question. The one that asks "What gives us the right?" The right to hurt, abuse and use them as we see fit. We certainly, it seems, have the power, but do we have the right? And if it were so that we do have "the right" do we, as well, want to exert that right, that power, or could we rather look into their eyes, and see the reflections of our souls.

Would it be possible, in our wisdom, to forsake that which we take for ourselves and allow them to live as they were intended to live? Peacefully and without undue harm. Would it be possible for us, not to use something just because we can, but decide against that course because we have a conscience? Could we put our own needs second to those of another living being?

It is the belief of many humans that our intelligence so surpasses that of the animals that they are not important. Would it be possible for us, in our infinite wisdom, to judge what is important based not on a tangible quality, based not on what it can do for us, but based on it's own existence - pure and simple.

Would it ever be possible for us simply not to judge?


Be interested, be curious, be educated. Read on.

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Do you know the laws regarding animal rights in your state? What is abuse? What is punishable? What is the punishment? Visit the Rutgers Law Center's informative website for a breakdown of statutes by state.

For further information on any of these issues visit PETA here
or the HSUS here

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