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The Prologue

It is my belief that the soul is clean and pure...always and in everyone. It is within our heads and our hearts that we often lose our way. The stress of living, working, and all the things in our earthly world that would not be positive, nurturing influences in our lives cause our hearts and minds to become estranged from the influence of our soul...disconnected...and thus we seek satisfaction, resolution and sometimes, retribution on an earthly plane. Truly at these times, what we really need to seek, is the connection of our soul...and all the rest, will cease to exist. If only for moments, there is peace.

For me it is poetry, and most often in the form of song. Music moves me to places within myself, that I'd never be able to travel alone. Often I am amazed that an artist has expressed my own feelings and if nothing else, when feeling isolated, I feel a comraderie with the human race. Again, a connection. More often than not, I am reminded of an ideal, a feeling, a belief that somewhere along the way I had forgotten. It is inspiring, a renewal or even a rebirth, and it is like a long nap after hard work...it is truly refreshing.

That is nourishments..food for the heart and the mind, connection for the soul. That is what I hoped to share with you here. It is ongoing, as there are so many wonderful poets, musicians and artists in the world. They speak to us softly of clarity, honesty and beauty. We have but to listen.

I hope that the works on the following pages will do as much for you as they do for me..I hope they will lift your spirit and help you to focus. I hope within their words, you will find some peace. I bless the artists who delve within their own souls to share them with us.        


The following page has seen a reworking since it has come to my attention that without the author's permission, it would be irresponsible of me to post their work in entirety. Instead I have the work of one woman who has given me permission, and then a list of some of the verses I have found inspiring.

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