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These are links to organizations that perform magic. They save endangered species, help homeless animals survive, and battle with the government to enable the passing of laws which will save many unfortunate animals. There are links as well to sites that are educational and informative. Please take a moment to visit them. I know you won't be disappointed.

Hugs for Homeless Animals HL981229a01

bulletAnimal Rights on the WWW
bulletThe Animal Alliance & Links
bulletThe Animal Rights Resource Site
bulletThe Animals' Agenda
bulletPeople for Animal Rights
bulletNoah's Exotic Animal Menagerie
bulletInternational Fund for Animal Welfare
bulletHuman Animal Ethics and the Vegetarian
bulletThe Mystical Manatee


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Are you interested in adopting a pet from a shelter? Do you have no time to go to a shelter nearby or far away for that matter...please visit Puppy Cam. Here you will find out how shelter pets live and hopefully find one that you will just fall in love with as well.


Here is another link to assist you in finding that perfect pet. This list will take you to Pet Finder a website with listings of shelters, adoption facilities and humane organizations within the United States. Enter your zip code to search your specific area.

A NO kill shelter in Pennsylvannia. Please support their work. They save countless dogs from a terrible fate.

Save A Dog-NO kill shelter

A NO kill shelter in Utah dedicated to guaranteeing all animals a home in the new millennium.

Best Friends

Please visit this site. Against all odds this shelter exists. If you can offer your help or support in any way I'm sure it would be greatly appreciated.

Baja Animal Sanctuary

The links below will assist you in finding Congresspersons and Senators of any state in the USA. Should you find an issue you are interested in supporting, are outraged about or you just want to tell the government officials how you feel you can find them here. You can search these sites by state.

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