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Bird poisoning is legal in New York State however there is a bill which was just passed by the New York State Assembly to ban the poisoning of birds. In the past anyone could use the poison Avitrol to kill birds they felt were a nuisance to them. This is hideous. Please support the bills and help get them off the floor and into the law books.

S.663 is a ban on the poison Avitrol in any city in New York state with a population of more than 1 million (New York City only).
S.664 will allow cities in New York state to pass ordinances to ban the poisoning of pigeons.

You can call the senators of NY at the numbers listed below:

Senator Roy Goodman, 518-455-2211

Senator Joseph Bruno, Senate Majority Leader 518-455-3191

Senator Marcellino, Chairman, Environmental Conservation Committee 518-455-2390

In St. Paris, Idaho pigs are being used for dissection in high school classes. Not only does that horror exist but recently a student, so appalled by the inhumane bludgeoning of a baby pig, lifted the piglet to their arms and ran with it from the school to seek it medical help. The piglet, so mangled by a teacher and student who attempted to bludgeon and beat this poor little creature to death and who did not succeeded in killing it but caused it immense amounts of suffering, had to be euthanized by a local Veterinarian. In a time when computer modeling and so many other high tech educational resources are at our fingertips what sense is made of this useless death, and the practice of using animals for high school dissections.

You can write to the school superintendent to let him know you believe the teacher and student involved in this heinous act should be properly dealt with.

Jim Zerkle
Superintendent of Graham Local Schools
P.O. Box 910 St. Paris, OH 43072
Tel.: 937-663-4123  Fax: 937-663-4670

Be interested, be curious, be educated. Read on.

Do you know the laws regarding animal rights in your state? What is abuse? What is punishable? What is the punishment? Visit the Rutgers Law Center's informative website for a breakdown of statutes by state.

For further information on any of these issues visit PETA or the HSUS
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