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It has been reported that at Walter Reed Army Hospital goats are being used to train physicians in Advanced Trauma Life Support. Most physicians will agree that cadavers provide a much more suitable and appropriate avenue for this training. There are many prestigious facilities that use cadavers and simulators as an alternative to using animals with results that are equal to or surpass those in using animals. If it were you that needed trauma care wouldn't you rather be taken care of by someone trained on a human cadaver who is aware of all of the human landmarks, organs and idiosyncrasies of the human body? Or would you prefer to have a physician who had intubated a goat, working on you? If for no other reason than a selfish one, write to the individuals below to have this practice stopped.

You can contact these individuals to ask that this practice be stopped:

Cedric E. Dumont
Medical Director Department of State and the Foreign Service
2401 E Str. N.W.
Washington, DC 20522-0102
Fax: 202-663-1613

The Honorable Madeline K. Albright
Secretary of State
2201 C St. N.W.
Washington, DC 20520
E-Mail: secretary@state.gov


Sometimes it's the little things, the way in which others relate to animals and the messages this sends to the population at large. Kia car company has a commercial they believe to be cute and funny. Their automobiles are shown running over Armadillos. Why didn't they just use people?

You can express your displeasure at this awful commercial:

Song Byoung-Nam, CEO
Kia Motors Corporation
2 Cromwell
Irvine, CA 92718


Hartz Mountain Company is world famous for animal products and now they are selling toys made of real fur. These toys are labeled as being made in China. The HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) in a recent investigation of the treatment of dogs and cats in Asia found that dogs are raised in filthy conditions and are skinned alive for their fur. Cats were hung. The HSUS further stated that many of these pelts are intentionally mislabeled and sold as another type of fur.

Perhaps this will touch your heart as it is not just any animal but the animals that we share our daily lives with that have this atrocity committed upon them however, no fur is a better alternative. Is it that important to look so glamorous when that glamour had a life traded for it.

You can tell Hartz Mountain that they should NOT be using animal fur in toys they manufacture.

Ed Stern
The Hartz Mountain Corporation
400 Plaza Dr., #400
Secaucus, NJ 07094-3688
Fax: 201-271-0357

You can write to your Congresspersons and Senators to express your displeasure at the fur trade in general and encouraging them to enact bills to ban this.

Be interested, be curious, be educated. Read on.

Do you know the laws regarding animal rights in your state? What is abuse? What is punishable? What is the punishment? Visit the Rutgers Law Center's informative website for a breakdown of statutes by state.

For further information on any of these issues visit PETA or the HSUS

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