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If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and a man.

Mark Twain 

my guys title  

As a child I could only have "small" pets. You know the kind, gerbils or hamsters. Pets that fit in a box. I didn't know any better. Just knew I wanted something furry to hold and to love.

I didn't get owned by a dog until much later. This is a picture of "Misha" my first dog, a Chinese Shar Pei. I found her at a breeder who had a poor reputation. It happened to be about an hour from where I lived and I just wanted to see what the Shar Pei were all about after having seen a picture of one on a card. I went to a few other breeders in the area that day. Misha never left my mind. She was an energetic little bundle at 7 weeks old, and when we met it was love at first sight. I was on my way home, finally after a kind of long day. Halfway home I turned my car around and went back for her. I arrived at the breeder's place only several minutes before they would close for the day.


Misha was actually a "pick" puppy. In essence she was received back from breeding and was the pick of the litter. She was a beautiful puppy except for one thing. The breeder of ill repute had decided to practice his eye surgery techniques on her. Her eyes had become infected. You would have to know she wrenched my heart out. I didn't care, I wasn't going to show her, I just loved her. I was afraid no one would want her and she'd be put down so I plunked down my Visa and took her home.

The happy ending is that with the help of my Veterinarian her eyes healed beautifully and it never affected her sight. She grew into a beautiful adult animal.

Misha,7 weeks

This was what the breeder did to her. This pic is the worst. Awful isn't it?She was just a little over 7 weeks old here

But she healed just fine....seeeee? This was taken when she was 13 weeks old  What a difference! I just knew she'd be gorgeous

Misha,13 weeks

She grew into a big beautiful girl. This one is she at about 2 years.

Misha, 2 years

Misha died of cancer in 1996 at 9 years of age.

I will miss her forever.

About 4 months before Misha died Buddy came into my life. On the way to work one day I noticed a dog lying on the sidewalk in the town I work in. It's a depressed area and it's not unusual to see strays lying around but something just didn't look right to me. I was late for work and went ahead but it haunted me all day and I promised myself that if the dog were still there on my way home I would check it out.

While driving home I didn't see him in the same spot. I thought that it was probably a positive thing that he was able to get up and go wherever those stray dogs go. Down the road a little there was a huge pile of black garbage bags and I don't know why I sort of scrutinized them, but I am glad I did. There lying amidst the bags was the dog I'd seen earlier in the day. I'll never know if someone left him there or he had dragged himself there but in the middle of the traffic I turned my car around, promising God that if he was still breathing I'd do whatever I could to help him.

He could barely lift his head when I got to him, and three local women stopped and told me they would hang with me till I was safely out of there. I spotted two men coming down the street and they were more than happy to take my ten bucks and hoist the dog on a blanket and put him in my car.

Well, my vet said he wouldn't have survived much longer. The least was that he was full of worms and fleas but also he needed surgery (twice) for other problems he had.

Three weeks later, I took Buddy home. When I found him he weighed barely 35 lbs. He now weighs 60. He still has a sad, or maybe it's a haunted look in his eyes. Like he's seen a lot of trouble and is not certain of his future. I think he has a bit of wanderlust left in him too...just sometimes the way he gazes through the door however, I think he really likes having his own sofa. : )

Buddy  Buddy close up

Isn't he a cutie. He has the most soulful eyes I've ever seen. My vet wasn't sure of his age. He (Buddy)is missing a lot of teeth but he (the vet) thought he (Buddy) was about 6 years old. He has a gray muzzle and a bum leg, probably from getting hit by a car and having it broken. He has a few nicks and a couple of scars. He has a lot of character. : )

I love Buddy. In fact God does work in mysterious ways. I had not planned on getting another dog. I also did not know Misha was ill. Had it not been for Buddy, Misha's death would have been much harder to deal with. Still after she died , I had a Shar Pei craving. None of the dogs I looked at could quite satisfy me. I guess I was looking for another Misha but after a few months a breeder friend of mine had a friend who had a puppy. She thought he would be perfect. We took the 3-hour ride into the depths of PA. And when it was time to come home I had "Bogey" with me.

What a cutie he was and is, and not a bit like Misha. Maybe that is why it worked. Or maybe it was the moon or the stars that day but I fell for him the minute I saw him. He's a bit hyper, like the breed and like me...lol...and he still acts like a silly puppy at three. When he's really frenetic he runs through the house with his ears back and his tail out..just around and around..he really makes me laugh. He can leap tall buildings with a single bound, but he usually lands on a piece of furniture and breaks it. My house is dog weary and I haven't been on vacation in many years as I won't leave them in a kennel, but they are so worth it. I'd not trade them for all the islands in the world.

Oh by the way..Bogey is named for Humphrey Bogart..my all-time favorite actor. He looks a bit like him don't you think?

He was 4 months old in this one Bogey 4 months 
Bogey with visor

I just couldn't resist. It was one of those visors that you wear to play tennis. Personally I think he looks very dapper

Buddy and Bogey just chillin'


These were the first pets that owned me. Pippin was a great cat. A 22 lb male who was the sweetest cat I've ever known. He loved to snuggle and was very affectionate. Shaina on the other hand was a bit "catty". She liked to nuzzle Pippin till he was happy and relaxed ..then she'd bite him. I should have named her Jezebel. They are both gone now. I miss them lots too. Especially Pippin, he was the first and I had just moved into my first apartment and was so thrilled to find him. I have a craving for cats now. : )

Pippin & Shaina

Pippin  Shaina

Bless the beasts and the children

I'd like to thank Dr. Cameron of Montclair, NJ for his unending patience, infinite knowledge and undying devotion to the animals and the individuals kept by them. To all his staff also, Monica, Patty, Anne and everyone who was so supportive of me~who work so hard to make it all work ~Thank You!


This is "Boo" (at least that is what he told me) You can adopt a Boo Bunny too, or another Woobie in need of a home at WoobieWorld.

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