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There were and are great thinkers who believed in the animals. Many were scoffed at; men like Darwin and Schweitzer, women like Fossey, and Goodall. They attest to the feelings of animals, but few will listen. Please listen, because we are their only hope. I ask you again, what if? What if you were at the mercy of others? What if someone else had the sole power to decide your fate? Dramatic? Not so. We have lived through a Holocaust and at times I can only liken our brutal treatment of animals to it. Dramatic? Well, If someone were to tell you that animals could feel just what you feel, would it then be dramatic? We kill animals daily; for food, for clothing, because there are not enough homes, and for research. It's a frightening thought. Don't wait for someone else to tell you what you already know.

Before you go, I have a little something for you. It is to say thanks for stopping by, and thanks for thinking of the animals. I hope that your visit was both enjoyable and enlightening. I hope the animals will touch you deeply too.

Please take a button. Place it at your site. You can place a link back here but this is for you whether you do or not. It's small and unobtrusive, but the message may touch even one person, and that one person is one more person who may speak up for those animals who cannot speak for themselves.

Please take a button and place it at your site. Tell the world that you too, stand up for the animals.If you do take a button, please let me know that I may reciprocate with a link back to your site.

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You can find additional buttons here. A new window will open-just close it to return here.

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The House Rabbit Society
The Electronic Zoo

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