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We know they exist, puppy mills that sell animals to research firms, puppy mills that breed dogs and other animals for the sole purpose of selling them for experimentation. Perhaps we want to deny this to ourselves as it's too ugly. Perhaps we don't deny it but instead try to believe the animals are treated well and raised in a loving and nurturing environment. Perhaps we need to see the truth. I would like you to visit a site. An undercover investigation by an anti-vivisection organization in the UK has revealed the true nature of a puppy mill in the UK. It is not pretty, in fact if the site does not break your heart than I don't know what will. I am sorry to lead you to a place that will be so painful but it's important to know. Please visit BUAV and see the truth and learn what you can do to help.

Be interested, be curious, be educated. Read on.

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Do you know the laws regarding animal rights in your state? What is abuse? What is punishable? What is the punishment? Visit the Rutgers Law Center's informative website for a breakdown of statutes by state.

Articles reprinted from HSUS Newsletter. For further information please visit the HSUS website here.

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