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It is difficult to accept the "euthanasia" of many animals in shelters due to little space or money. It is more difficult to accept this type of killing by non-humane methods. A shelter in West Virginia uses shooting as the method of euthanasia. Although the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) panel on euthanasia states "gunshot is an unreliable and dangerous method of euthanasia which results in avoidable animals suffering", although a local veterinarian offered to do the euthanasia by more humane methods, this shelter has continued to use gunshot as it's method.

You can write to the county officials to ask to please stop this shelter from committing this inhumane act.

Ed Canterbury, President
Steve Sensil, member
Ken Dadisman, member
Barbour County Commissioners
County Courthouse
8 N. Main St.
Phillippi, WV 26416

Can you believe that cockfighting is still legal in 3 states in the USA? Cockfighters strap sharp blades to the legs of roosters and place them in a ring. They are in essence forced to bloody their opponent. The roosters are transported and kept in small cages, filthy and not cared for. Poor fighters are tossed out with garbage. This barbaric sport should not be allowed to continue anywhere. Louisiana is one state where this is legal.

You can contact these individuals to ask that this practice be stopped:


Stephen J. Windhorst
1601 Belle Chasse Hwy.,
Suite 201
Terrytown, LA 70056

Audrey McCain
Vice Chair
58045 Meriam St.
Plaquemine, LA 70764


Most Medical Schools in North America, including Harvard Medical School, have done away with the practice of having students use animals (specifically dogs) to practice or view surgery on. Dr. Michael D'Ambra, the cardiac anesthesiologist who directs Harvard's operating room program where medical students watch real surgery on real people states, "seeing the surgery [on humans] helps students understand the human physiology they need to know. The only thing a student can do in a dog lab that we don't cover in the operating room is kill the animal." Still some schools DO use animals for this purpose.

You can contact the individuals at the addresses below to ask that they please stop using these outdated methods:

Barbara Ross-Lee, Dean
College of Osteopathic Medicine*
Ohio University
Grosvenor Hall,
Rm. 204
Athens, OH 45701
Fax: 740-593-0761
*Uses pigs in cardiovascular laboratory exercises

Dr. Harold Paz, Dean
Robert Wood Johnson Medical School*
125 Patterson St.
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
*Uses dogs in cardiovascular laboratory exercises

PetCo sells animal products and animals across the U.S. Employees of this company have reported that conditions of horror exist at many PetCo stores including animals being kept in cages where feces was so thick it could not be cleaned off, animals being kept together and killing one another in their cages and sick or injured animals being placed in a freezer and left to die. Two stores cited were in California and N.J. The PetCo stores representatives deny this. If you have witnessed any acts of cruelty in any PetCo stores file a complaint at the address below and also write to PETA at the second address so they may investigate this.


Address to file complaint:

Brian Devine
9125 Recho Road
San Diego, CA 92121
Tel.: 800-765-9878

Write to PETA here:

Attn: Erica Meier,
501 Front St.,
Norfolk, VA 23510,

or 757-622-7382, ext. 346,
or ericam@peta-online.org.

Be interested, be curious, be educated. Read on.

Do you know the laws regarding animal rights in your state? What is abuse? What is punishable? What is the punishment? Visit the Rutgers Law Center's informative website for a breakdown of statutes by state.

For further information on any of these issues visit PETA or the HSUS

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