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If you are interested in creating a website but do not want to create your own images you will find many original and beautiful borders and page sets here. However, if you do plan to use any of the images found here for your website it will be to your best advantage to read my Terms of Use and familiarize yourself with copyright and bandwidth issues in general.

One word but a big one. CREDIT.

If in your travels you visit any of the sites I've provided in the links area, or any sites for that matter, and use any of the materials obtainable there, be sure to place a link back to their site on each and every page that you have used their creations. Please visit the sites linked by the buttons on the left (below the navigational buttons) for information on copyright and other issues that affect creators everywhere.

Digital collection sites have cropped up all over the net. Individuals gather images and offer them for download. These individuals violate copyright laws and insult artists everywhere. Please discourage this practice. Don't create a site offering this, and please do not download anything from a site like this.

A new site to address a new craze. Unscrupulous web designers create sites using another artists graphics. They receive monetary compensation for this, however the graphic artist does not. The artist would not even know their graphics were being used until by some chance they trip over them on this vast internet. Be aware. Visit R.I.G.H.T.S. - Redistribution In Graphics Has To Stop!

All links will open a new window so you will be able to find your way back here. ;-)

This site is a Web Clip Art's Exceptional Site

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You can read my rant here
View my "fancy background" tutorial here
To learn more about copyright; the actual legal implications and ramifications, visit the site of this Attorney who has had 25 years experience in the field and practices Internet Law.

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