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My first website, "SftnWrm's Niche on the Net", won many wonderful awards from some wonderful people. They are not forgotten. Although the awards do not apply directly to this site, they gave me the impetus and interest to keep learning, and improving my site. In addition, except for some improvments (I hope) this site is still a reflection of all the ideas and tenets held by SftnWrm's Niche. I felt it only right that these awards should still live with me. I could not forget them, nor the individuals who gave them. SftnWrm's Niche, no matter how new or immature, will always be a part of my experience and who I am here.

I have archived the awards here. They are listed by pages with the earliest awards being on the first pages. I thank all those who gave me awards and especially who communicated with me during this time, your time and help will always be greatly appreciated.

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