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Paul   This is Paul's site. Seems like I've known Paul forever. He is never too busy to help and has the patience of a saint. He loves to fish. I know Paul just loves nature...still I keep praying the fish will NOT be biting. <smile>

Sandy   I met Sandy two years ago. She is very involved in her hobbies. She was one of the first persons I know to have a web site. Now she has a few. I love her ponds. I have always wanted to do this myself.

Garland   I met Gar about the same time as I met Sandy. Gar has a wonderful voice and has recorded some wavs for us and this year, for Xmas, a CD! We've just been great buddies ever since. His lovely wife Jeanette, shares his website with him.

Phyllis  This site is very special, as is the woman behind it. She gives gifts to us all, by example, gifts of courage and strength, tenderness and compassion. My words fall short, you will understand if you view her site.

Sandy   This is another Sandy. What are the odds of knowing two Sandys? This was the first site she did and I think it's wonderful! Stop by and wish her a Happy Birthday....quick...before it's too late!

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