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There are so many grand places to visit while here on the Net. I'd never be able to list all of them here, but I have listed those I frequent most often and which are both fun and informative.

Freeware32 A great site to browse and obtain freeware and shareware. Updated daily.

Brains Breaker This site offers a program for virtual jigsaw puzzles. You can use the puzzles they provide or you can make your own

CIAC This site is maintained by the Dept. of Energy and has information on internet hoaxes, viruses and more. Visit this site BEFORE you forward that next virus warning!

Magic Eye  You have probably seen the books. Gaze at the image long enough and you can see what is "within" the image. This works on people too : )

Nova Online  From the PBS network. A wealth of scientific discoveries and information

Earth Cam This is fun. View different places all over the world at different times.

Download.com Another good site for computer stuff

The Free Site Another good site for listings of many things available free on the Net.

Thomas Kinkade Gallery Here you can find most of the works by this artist as well as a T.K. Society you can join and receive one of his paintings as a bonus. I love his work!

Jim's Fine Art Collection You can't buy anything here but if you like art this site has an extensive collection of paintings by the masters past and present.

Egogahan A site of miracles. Spiritual issues, afterdeath communications and memorials. A poignant and inspiring site. If you seek inspiration and comfort you will find it there.

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