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POF Awards

Mutley's I really liked your site Award

June 11, 1999

Thank you Mutley, I am glad you liked my site!

June 27, 1999

This came as such a total surprise today, I am still gushing. Out of some 70,000 apps over the time this award has been offered, my site was chosen as the 60th to receive this award from the very experienced and adept designer, Gazoo. Gazoo, I think you know how much this means to me, Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Gazoo's Gold Choice Award
Kristen's Energy Award

July 3, 1999

Kristen Thank you so much for your beautiful award and all your kind words. I truly appreciate your support.

July 6, 1999

Thank you very much Mikael! I'm truly appreciative of receiving your award and happy you enjoyed visiting!

The Mix Award
High Density's Award

July 6, 1999

Tom it's really an honor to have received your award! Thank you so much!

July 17, 1999

Wow, and thank you so much CIR committee members who made it possible for me to receive your award. I am deeply honored!!

August 28 , 1999

Sandy, Thank you so much. This I know is difficult to obtain and I'm honored.

September 7 , 1999

Andy thank you so much! It's really and honor and a great achievement to have received your Gold Award. Thank you again!

Andy's Graphic Site Gold Award

November, 1999

Thank you very much IAWMD, for deeming my site worthy of your award.

November, 1999

I applied for the silver award and received the gold! Thank you very much Alenka!!

Pegasus Gold Award
Light OS Award

December, 1999

A wonderful surprise to wake up to today and a wonderful way to end up 1999. Thanks to the committee that deemed my site worthy of this award. I am honored!

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