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Awards 3

These awards were received for my former site "SftnWrm's Niche on the Net". These awards are, and will remain a cherished part of my experience here. I still speak a resounding thank you to all those that felt my site worthy!

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Sealights Award March 2, 1999

Rose, Thank you very much for this really lovely award!

March 8, 1999

Thank you Mary Lou, for giving me this beautiful award!

Wishing Well Award
Quatec Designs Award March 8, 1999

I am really honored by this award from Quatec Designs and for their comments as well. Thank you so very much!

March 12, 1999

Thank you, for giving me this award and your great comments as well!

I won the Simply Submit It Award for Excellence
OrchidLady's Award March 13, 1999

Linda, thank you so much for this very lovely award!!!

March 13, 1999

Pandora, thank you very much for this beautiful award!

Pandora's Award
Ancient Warriors Web site of the Day March 14, 1999

Tony, thank you so much for this very great award!!!

March 15, 1999

John, this award is so elegant and it's an honor to display it. Thank you!

Southern Nytes Award of Elegance
Amanda's Award for Beauty March 15, 1999

Amanda thank you for this beautiful award and for your kind words and advice. I really appreciate it!

March 16, 1999

Ivan, thank you very much! I appreciate this award and your nice comments as well!

Exxonvald Award
Website Excellence Award of Honor March 18,1999 March 17, 1999

Hugh, I can't thank you enough for this award. I know from experience it's not easy to receive and I display it with pride. Thank you!!

March 17, 1999

George, thank you so much for this neat award!!

G Page Cool Award
March 21, 1999

Thank you very much Loadstar!!

March 25, 1999

Thank you Luuk, very much for this lovely award!

Luuk's Award of Excellence
HeyYouSir's Pet Site Award March 26, 1999

Sir, thank you very much for the note, the card and of course this award! It's an honor!

March 27, 1999

Lynne thank you so much! It's an honor to receive your award!

NuHorizons Award
Team Creations Bronze Award March 28, 1999

Rita, thank you for the honor and chance to display this lovely award!

March 28, 1999

George my sincerest thanks! It's really an honor to receive your award!

Starsaber Award of Excellence
Internet Brothers - Helpware for the Cybercommunity March 29, 1999

Jeff, WoW, this is truly an honor!! My sincerest thanks for your award, for your time, and for your really nice note! I display this with great pride!

Awards 1 : Awards 2 : Awards 3 : Awards 4 : Awards 5

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