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Prelude to a Prayer

THE PRAYER on the next page is a prayer to St. Jude Thaddeus. Once, sometime ago, I was fortunate enough to have this given to me. A small novena card I will cherish always. The prayer miraculously changed my life. I promised St. Jude, I would praise him and speak of this. I want to share this. It is a prayer to be said in a great necessity. It is not to be taken lightly, it will not make you rich, young, or beautiful...it will however be a rock when you trod on unsolid ground. St. Jude will be there for you should you need him.

IT HAPPENED to be June, my favorite time of year. A series of events leading to an ending marriage, that finally dissolved the week before my father would be taken to the hospital, left me with little strength. Working two jobs then to keep the house, working 60 to 70 hours a week I ran to the hospital every chance I could. He was not getting better, it looked hopeless, and that is how I felt. My concentration was waning, and no matter how hard I fought, there was that Monday evening I guess I had had enough. It must have been obvious to Mary, the wonderful woman with the beautiful Irish brogue, a nurse and coworker. It was she that gave me the Novena card. With her arm around my shoulder and tears in both our eyes she told me to pray with this card for seven days, and if it could be, on the eighth day my prayer would be answered.

INSTINCTIVELY I knew, that I couldn't pray for the tangibles, so I didn't ask for my marriage to work nor for my father to live, I asked only that if the course of events in my life were to continue on this road, to please give me the strength to endure it. In general I have always been a very strong person, however these two issues combined had set me on a path that was new and unresolvable to me. I thought, that I'd not have the strength, as I felt truly as if I was going to totally fall apart.

I PRAYED the prayer faithfully although not clearly. I couldn't get through it once without being dissolved into a sobbing wreck. But I prayed, fervently, each night, and I believed. And I believed and I wanted to believe. A question, a hope but I did believe. Somehow I felt a connection.

on the eighth day, knowing that it was truly a miracle. The knot that had been in my stomach for weeks, the "butterflies" I could not get accustomed to living with were gone. I was new, and I was me, I was strong again, and I had acceptance. I understood. I was amazed and grateful. What a wonderful thing, just to have my life back again. Just to know that I would be strong enough to deal with all I had to face.

I DON'T know if I can explain here the horror of the way I felt before the prayer. I was, I know so devastated by sorrow that I thought at times I just wouldn't make it through. I can still remember the feeling of relief the day I woke. There was serenity, there was clarity and I knew from that day on, it would somehow be all right. That no matter what happened, I would make it through it.

IT IS not my way to share my deepest feelings with strangers. You are all strangers when you come here, I hope friends when you leave. However, I felt, if the miracles presented here can help one person, it will be the best I can do. If we look to change our lives in impossible ways, by impossible means we will end up sad and bitter, but if we can accept the hand that's dealt us and live with strength and faith then we will be happy.

THUS I share this prayer with you. I hope that you will not need it but life can seem unkind to all of us at one time or another. This is a prayer to be said in great necessity, not to be taken lightly. It will not bring you earthly riches..but if needed it will bring you miracles.


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