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If you've been here before you may realize that this page now looks a bit sparce. In an effort to pay an honest tribute to the authors once represented here, I have removed the works, at this time. I have, however listed them by name, Their works remain inspirational and can be found in any library or bookstore.

Should the time come when I can replace the original contents of this page it will be done.

After A While by Veronica Shoffstall

permission to post granted by author. Please visit the site linked by her name to view additional inspirations.

Inspirational Authors and their work:

Max Ehrman - Desiderata
Brenda Short - Give Thanks
William Shakespeare - Sonnet 29
Maya Angelou - Still I Rise
Amanda McBroom - The Rose
Bob Dylan - Forever Young
Ervin Drake, Irvin Graham,  Jimmy Shirl, Al Stillman - I Believe
Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II - When You Walk
George Carlin - The Paradox of Our Time
R.Neibuhr - The Serenity Prayer

Prologue : Contents : Prelude : Prayer : Miracle
The Prologue

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