Must reading for AOL users:

If your graphic compression is enabled in AOL you will not view the graphics clearly. In fact many will look awful. AOL allows this, as it does save space on your system, -->as well as theirs. For you, the individual user, the saving is really insignificant. For AOL, it is significant when you multiply the number of users times the savings. Oh well, such is life.

On AOL 4.0 and on AOL 5.0 you need to go to "My AOL" in the toolbar, which is usually at the top of the page. Left click to bring a drop down menu into view and select "preferences". At the preferences page select "WWW". Once there you want to click the last tab called "Web Graphics" and if there is a check in the box marked "Use compressed graphics" uncheck it by left clicking on it. Down at the bottom...if "Apply" is then available click that, then ok and close it all out. Although the message is that with graphic compression enabled web pages will load faster, I see no difference at all in the amount of time they take and a very significant difference in the quality of what I am viewing. GIF images on AOL look unbelievably terrible with compressed graphics enabled. You don't know what you're missing!! Life is full of trade-offs : )

Here's another tip for browsing the Internet. Browse the internet with your browser opened "outside" of AOL. Here's the deal. AOL's version of MSIE is a bit different than it's parent version (which you can download independently from Microsoft). If you download and run it outside of AOL it will run faster, clearer and you will be able to refresh your pages at will. AOL's browser, from my own experience will not allow you to refresh your pages and oftentimes you may view old and outdated content. Do it. Go to Microsoft and or Netscape (for Netscape Navigator) and download it, after which you need to install it. Do a default installation and it will reside on C drive in it's own folder which you should be able to access from your start menu. Once on AOL go to your start menu and open the browser from there. You can browse the web more efficiently and more easily in that manner. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how much faster the pages load.



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