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title plaque

It was so much fun to create the previous set I just couldn't help myself.

I am inspired, calmed, and in awe of the ocean. The beauty calls me, it's peacefulness calms me, it's turbulence inspires me, it's unknown depths fill me with awe. This set marks the merging of the deep blue/green of the ocean and the soft blue of the sky. This Labor Day weekend marks the end of summer here, and with it the blue of the ocean will soon turn to a gray to reflect the winter's sky. Don't be surprised if you find this set in gray soon enough. : )

This is the basic set, with the basic images and it's size is perfect for an entry, home or what your site is about page. Of course if you're like me you have alot to say so I've created a variety of expander images to allow you to make this page longer. You can view the longer page here.

All of the images & text are compressed to 3 zip files. Zip1, Zip2, Zip3

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