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This borderset is designed for a screen resolution of 800 x 600 in another resolution the borders and background will not tile properly. The page length is fixed at about 784 pixels in length, however you can increase the size by another 476 pixels by repeating the image that runs along the center portion of the side of this document. In order for it to tile correctly, without a cutoff of the border image, each increase in page length needs to repeat the image. .


This center table is made for all of your additional images and text to go. There are various ways this can be arranged depending on how you set up your tables and what images you use. In the zip file below, there are additional "pieces of the straight line" if you want to make your page longer without repeating the side image. You can add those and also a side image for a bit of a longer page, however keep in mind that a shorter page is better.

I have created several examples of how this can be put together with the page extensions. You can view this page with the repetition of one image on the side and begin the tour, by clicking here A new window will open, close it to come back to this page.

You can download the zip file of all images, and all pages as you see them here

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