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Reminiscent of ladies in brightly colored Saris, adorned with golden filigree jewelry, Voyage to India is available for use to personal websites provided you agree to comply with the Terms of Use.

If you have a commercial site and wish to use this set, please refer to the Terms of Services or go directly to the Kagi on-line order page.

bird accentVoyage to India webset is set up in nested tables. The images at the side are background images for the table cells, and will adjust in length automatically as you add text and images to the central table. However, check the lower part of the side after you've added all of your text and images, you may need to add a space or two to this area in order for the side images to tile properly.

menuThis is the menu that is available with this set. It is one piece intended to be set up as an image map on your page. It is my thought, though to advise you, that due to the highly intricate background and border, too many embellishments may tend to make your pages look gaudy rather than elegant. I've added them all here, for you to choose which you decide to use.

There are two "looks" to this page. One comes to you as seen here with the "title" image attached but blank so you can add your text. The other look ele accentcan be made without the title area. The images are included in the zip file. You would need to replace the top corner images and the top central image. The size changes and thus would require some knowledge of HTML and tables to achieve.


I've included examples here of buttons, accents, and bullets that are also available with this set. Again, I stress that you should not overuse them, but will leave snake accentthat to your own discretion.

Please download these images to your hard drive, and upload to your server, do not link to mine.

A linkback to is required to be placed on each page these images are used preferably with the matching logo image below.

Please email me if you use this so I can see it and add you to my list of well dressed sites.

Download the zip file here.

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