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accentVines of Gold is available as linkware for personal websites.

A remembrance of spring and a peek of all that is yet to come.

In order to set this up properly you will need at least a basic understanding of HTML and tables. The surrounding table cells are set up with several images to achieve this effect accentand to achieve the length of this page. The page can be lengthened or shortened by the addition or deletion of the images noted as "expander images" but they need to be placed properly to achieve a smooth effect.


Please read and agree to the Terms of Use before downloading any graphics.

Please upload these to your own server. Do not link to mine.

A link to is required preferrably with the image below.

Please do not alter these images in any way except for adding text. If you need something altered to suit your site please contact me.

Please do write to me if you use this so I may add you to my list of well dressed sites. I'd love to see it.

This set is available in a zip file containing all of the images accentcreated with this set and the coding as you see here. Again, if you want your page longer or shorter you will need to tweak it to your preferences but if this page suits your needs the coding is set up for you, all you need to do is to replace my text with yours.

Here is an example of the style of button and the guestbook image map available with the set. There are additional buttons with text included in the zip file as well as a blank button which you can add your own text to.

The font used for the button is Sharon A Classic
color code=#471045

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The guestbook graphic is already cut and mapped for you. All you need to do is to change the names of the *.html to the name of your pages.


You can download the zip file here.



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