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The color of Turquoise stones, water, the sky.

This webset is available for use for personal sites. It makes use of nested tables and is relatively easy to put together. All images and HTML documents are in the zip file. There are also directional points for where to place your text in the document itself.

The important aspect of putting this together is to keep all table sizes as they are intended. Only a certain amout of text will fit.

In order to increase the size of the page (length) you need to add additional side images in the cells so some knowledge of HTML will help.

This webset comes complete with a splash page which you can view here and a blank button for you to customize. On this particular page I've made use of several expander images to increase the page length and which are included in the zip file. They increase your page length in short, 36 pixel increments and are easy to insert. If you want to increase the length dramatically you can add another side image.

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Download the zip file here

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