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This set was the Featured Background set of the week for November 2, 1999. Thank you Cathy!! It's an honor to be a part of your great site!

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I live several miles from an interstate on which strip malls abound. I cross the interstate at least once a day, sit at the light and spend a few minutes looking at the design of these malls. I'm always thinking how nice they would do for a border set. They all have huge entrances. Many are stucco in various colors, and many, for the summer, have plants hanging from whatever nooks and crannies they could find. That was the accentinspiration for this webset and probably a few more to come as I try to capture more closely the particular effect and look that I see.

This is a little more difficult to set up because of the way in which I have set up the tables however if you follow the instructions exactly it will work very well.

The images reside in cells within the table and are not background images that naturally resize as you scroll. In accentorder to add to the length of this page you need to add the expander images I've provided. There is one each for the right and left and would reside in the cell that holds the side images.

You have to be careful when adding text as it will "pull apart" at the base if you do not add the expanders as you add more text.

On this page I have added eight expander images to each side of the page (they must be added in pairs). They reside in the side cell and go ahead of all of the other side images. accentYou can view this in the code. It is a good idea to have a working knowledge of HTML.

All text and additional images need to reside within this table cell which is also marked in the code. You can obtain these images with the right click method also however there are quite a number of images and it will be tedious I would think.

You can expand this page indefinately but you probably won't want to do that. The length you see here, which is about 1700 is really plenty for any page and you may just accentwant to consider continuing your content on the next page if it is much longer than this. The expander images are 148 pixels in height and will expand your page that many additional pixels from the original 600 or so. The eight I've used here add almost 1100 pixels to the height of the page.

I have included a lovely splash page with this set which you can view here. It will open to a new window which you will just close to return to this page.

The accent images you see interspersed with the text are accentincluded as well as some additional buttons like the one below. The page that I've included in the zip file is not this long, it includes two expander images just so you can get a good idea of their placement.

Download the zip file for this page with the coding and images here
Download the zip file for the splash page here

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As always a link back to is required on each page these graphics are used with preferrably the logo image below that matches this set



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