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The Gilded Knot is available as linkware for personal sites. Please read the Terms of Use for important information.

If your site is commercial and you wish to use this set please see the Terms of Services.

This set is comprised of nested tables. The HTML document as well as all of the images are included in the Zip file. If you are not comfortable with tables you can use the HTML file I've provided and just replace my text with yours.

You can lengthen these pages by adding additional images (specifically the left and right side1 image) to the left and right table cells. Or you can use this page as is. If you need to shorten it, you would just remove the same number of these files from the table cells on each side.

I've used images in the cells instead of a background to enable a smooth tiling of the knotted pattern.

This set is linkware and requires a linkback to on each page these images are used preferrably with the logo image below.

Please do not link to these images. Download them to your hard drive, and upload them to your server.

The set includes some additional navigational elements similiar to the ones below and a blank image so you can create your own. The back and next navigational are a part of the base image and it's pre-diced for you, you just have to add your links.


You can download the Zip file here

The font used is Chaucer
If you don't have Blade Pro recommended text colors are:

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