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A simple set made special by the accent images and the mouseover effects. It's easy to set up thus very functional making use of nested tables. The buttons for accentthe mouseover are in a table of their own. You can add text and images to this area and you will not displace any of the images or buttons.

The only thing you may want to be aware of is the scrolling pattern of the right side border. It will resize to fit, as this immediate area gets larger. When you have finished adding your text and images here, you will justaccent want to note where the right side has ended. If it catches a flower or the butterfly at a half way point just add a few spaces here to have it scroll a few pixels past the image.

You can use the right click method to obtain this set however you will not be able to get to the 2nd image accentthat completes the mouseover effect nor will you have the blank buttons to add your own text. The zip file has blank buttons you can add to the side and blank buttons you can place here. You can download the zip file below to get all of the coding for the page as well.

The zip file also has another top graphic sans "welcome" so you can add your own site's title or just leave it blank which looks really nice. Or you can use the accentwelcome for your home page and the blank for the other pages of your site. The zip file also has several other accent images and butterflies to compliment your pages.

It would help to have a working knowledge of HTML, Javascript and tables or obtain a great WYSIWYG editor such as Macromedia's Dreamweaver 2

Please read the Terms of Use before using any sets.

Please download these images to your own hard drive and     then upload them to your own server.

You must provide a link back to     preferrably with the image below

You can download the zip file here

The font used for the buttons is Hancock
The color is #912f54
The size=18


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Flower images from
Marks Fresh Flower Scans 
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