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Illusion intrigues me. "Magic" has always been a favorite of mine. Although I know there is a simple answer to many magic "tricks", the idea that my mind perceives it as it does is fascinating. Thus the look of chains, the depth and the illusion that a link is actually through a grommet as in this header is an interesting illusion to me.

This is a mix of effects mostly done with PSP, Eye Candy and Blade Pro. It's a little bit fanciful and a little bit serious. The image above is not a solid image but it's diced for you so you can add your links to pages. The bottom is the same, with a diced footer graphic so you can add your own links there too.

The tables are nested and there is still a bit of care you need to take when setting this up. After you've completed your page with the text and images you want, you may need to add a space or two at the bottom but above the footer graphic to make the chain links line up properly. With a little work it will line up.

I've decided to keep the links the same at the top and the bottom. These are your very basic links that you would want to be visible on each page. Just because someone reaches the bottom of your page, why shouldn't they write to you just because they don't feel like scrolling back up to the contact button. I also have no idea what your pages are about. : ) So in addition to these basic navigational elements I've also provided you with some matching buttons and a few little doo dads to liven up your pages.

The images in the header and footer graphics have mouseover effects. Run your cursor over them and the sun will light your way to your various pages.

Here are some examples of the buttons and the bar included in this set. The zip file which you can download below has a greater amount of buttons and a blank image for you to add text to.

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This little navigational image is in a table of it's own. It's diced to 5 pieces so you can code it with links to your next page and the previous page.

The font used is A.D.Mono
You can download the zip file here. It now has blank images and blank rollover images should you prefer to add your own links to the top and bottom areas.

You can still use the right click to take the image files and download them to your hard drive. Right click on an image, choose the option "save picture as" pick a place on your computer where you wish to save this file and click ok. However you will not be able to get to the mouseover images in this fashion and so I do suggest you download the zip file provided above.

Please read the terms of use before using any of these images at your site and download the zip file and keep the images on your own hard drive. You must know linking to someone elses server is wrong and if I have to pay bandwidth charges for images you use I will not be able to make these graphics. I do enjoy it, I hope you do too. Please remember, as well, to take the logo image that matches this set and link it to Do this on each page these graphics are used.This is not an option but a requirement. Please be a person of honor and comply with these small requests.

Point of Focus Graphics

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