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Simply Iridescent is available for use to personal websites provided you abide by the Terms of Use.

accentIf you have a commercial site and wish to use this set please see the Terms of Services.

This set is built on a table with 3 cells across both the top middle and bottom and a portion of the set (an image) is placed in each cell. Your text goes here in the center cell.

To lengthen the page the images named leftside1 and leftside2, and rightside1 and rightside2 can be repeated in the side cells.

Some working knowledge of HTML and tables is advisable as well as the assistance from a good WYSIWYG editor.


Please download all images to your harddrive and upload to your server. I ask this again, as recently I did find a site with the background image linked to my server. I had to replace the image with a more suitable one. I don't like to do this and do not wish to embarass anyone, so please do not offend me by linking to these images.

Please remember to provide a link back to on each page these images are used preferrably with the image below.

These are some of the buttons you will find in the zip file




The guestbook image is set up as an image map but you could dice it and use it that way if you prefer.

The font used for the buttons is Black Chancery
Size is 22

You can download the ZIP file here

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