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In the absence of light there is no color, just blackness. As the light begins to shine softly shadows and greys appear in the blackness. As the light shines brighter, colors appear. Think of your cursor as the light, and shine it on the images at your left.

Do you see the light? : )

This table can lengthen with additions of text or images to this area. The menu at your left will remain stationary.

The areas above and below this table are additional tables with black backgrounds that can house your title, images and additional text.

In the zip file there are some additional buttons should you need to add more links to this area. I have also included some "over" buttons should you desire to create additional mouseovers. The code is not configured for that so you will need to know javascript or you can get help at The Mighty Mouseover Machine.

The set you will receive in the zip file has an explanation of the mouseover images that this set is coded for and how to keep them even after you add text to the buttons. Yes the buttons you will receive are blank so you can add the links to the pages specific for your site.

The arrow at the base of the left column is configured to bring your visitors back up to the top of the menu and reduce scrolling for your visitors.

Please read the Terms of Use before downloading anything from this area.

Please download these images to your hard drive and upload them to your server. Please DO NOT link to mine.

A link back to is required on each page these graphics are used preferably with the image below.

You can download the zip file here of all the coding for the tables and mouseover effects as well as all of the images you need to set this up.

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