This borderset would work well for a business site (of course you would have to purchase the rights to it) but equally well for a personal site that is somewhat professional or conservative in nature. The top header is meant to be placed on every page. It would include your logo, your title and then the title of the individual page itself would be in the grey box. No one will get lost at your site.

The buttons can be customized for your site and so can the header graphic and it's a neat looking set.

The buttons come equipped with mouseover images that are simple however you will need some knowledge of html and java script to code your site or you can copy my code if it works for you.

I have compiled a zip file of the images you will need to get started. It includes all of the buttons to your left including the mouseover images plus 5 header graphics. The only text in the header graphics I've included is that which matches the buttons. The picture and the other text are not included so you can customize it to go with your site. Also included are two blank header graphics and two blank buttons and the html document used to set up this page. It has all of the mouseover script, you need, just replace this text (within the table) with your own text.

You can download the zip file here.

The font used is Brush Script.

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