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Do you find serenity in soft colors, the amazement of watching a flower accentbud open, softness in texture? I intend this webset to convey that, a serene environment, (want a Calgon moment?) meant to take you away to someplace lovely and calm; soft and quiet.

This set makes use of nested tables and again an additional top image to give the center area, the text area, a little more interest.

The side backgrounds (with the exception of the mouseover buttons) WILL scroll with the addition of text and images and subsequent lengthening of this area. Watch for right side accentimages, they may just need an additional space if your scrolling catches a flower at the half way point.

This is an example of the type of buttons available with this set if you prefer to use these instead of the mouseover menu or for additional page links. I've included a blank button so you can create your own.

home buttonback buttonnext button

bulletPlease read the Terms of Use before taking any of these images. You must agree to abide by them too. : )

bulletPlease download these to your own hard drive and upload them to your own server.

bulletYou are required to link this set back to http://www.pointoffocus.com on each page these graphics are used preferably with the image below.

bulletYou can download the zip file here. It includes the coding for the tables and all images that go with this set. The header graphic you will receive is blank so you can add your own text.

The font used for the buttons is Vivaldi

Tubes flowers used in this set courtesy of Marks Flower Scan's

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Flower images from
 Mark's Flower Scans
©Point of FocusPoint of Focus