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Royal Opulence is available for use at personal websites provided you agree to comply with the Terms of Use.

If you have a commercial site and wish to use these images, please see the Terms of Services.


This set is constructed of nested tables. The side images are cell backgrounds which will increase as you add text and images to this area.

The menu at your left is in a table of its own with mouseover images. Run your cursor over them to see the effect

The images have been optimized for the background to view properly. They are in gif format and need to maintain their transparency.

There are additional buttons, a guestbook image and bullets to enhance your page layout some examples of which are shown here.

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bulletPlease remember it is required that you place a link back to on each page these images are used, peferrably with the logo image below.

bulletDownload the zip file to your hard drive and upload to your server. Do not link to mine.

The font used on the buttons is Mad Ave
color= R-99 G-90

Download the zip file here.


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The fonts used to create these images were obtained from
Digital Attitudes and Hidden Jewels

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