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This set is available as linkware for personal websites.

This set is somewhat professional in nature but its color says you are bold, different and perhaps not all business.

The header bar above can have your sites name or can be mapped for additional linkage as can the footer bar below.

Please remember to read and agree to the Terms of Use prior to taking any graphics.

Please download these images to your hard drive and upload to your server. Do not link to mine.

If your site promotes cruelty, or pornography of any kind you may not use this. Please see the Terms of Use for detailed information.

This set may not be altered in any way except for adding text to the buttons. Do not resize the images or change them or use them with another set. If you do need help with the layout or the addition of text write to me.

A link to http://www.pointoffocus.com is required on each page these graphics are used, preferrably with the image below.

This set is comprised of nested tables which you can view in the source code provided with the zip file. Cell widths must be kept as stated.

This set is available in two forms each in their own zip file. You can download zip file #1 which is coded and appears exactly as you see it here with the buttons configured for you. Or you can download zip file #2 which has the HTML coding for the tables and javascript for the mouseovers as you see here but the buttons are blank so you will need to add your own text. In either case you will need some knowledge of HTML and Javascript to add the links to your pages into the code. In each zip file there are blank buttons which you can place text on and add to this area should you need additonal links. If you're javacript savvy and / or you have a good WYSIWYG editor you can add additional cells to the side tables and add additional javascripted buttons. : )

The font=Humanst521 CnBT
recommended color=94844e or
Blade Pro gold overlay

If you do use this please e-mail me with the URL of your site.

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