This borderset was designed to be used with a monitor resolution of 800 x 600. In another resolution this will not tile properly. If you are viewing this as it was meant to be, you will notice a purple edge on the right-->. If you'd like to use this set but want a borderset that will tile indefinately (at least to a rez of 1500 w.) you can click here .





blankThis blank button has a border written to the code which will not be visible when used. It's a jpg file so that it is easier to add your text however it can be saved as a gif image in order for it to "match" the other buttons.

Don't forget the matching logo button to be linked to http://www.pointoffocus.com

Point of Focus Graphics

The Font used for the buttons is CG Omega

Color code for the purple text=#4a3156


Right click your mouse in a blank space in the background to take it. Choose "save background as". This will bring up a dialogue box. Choose the drive and folder where you wish to download to and click save. Right click on any button or bar, choose the "save picture as" option. This will bring up a dialogue box. Choose the drive and folder you wish to save in and click save. : )

or you can download a zip file of all of the images you will need, as well as both borders, here


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