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accentI couldn't let fall go by without making a tribute to her. It's just a lovely time of year and although I don't look forward to the coming months of coldness and heavy clothing I love to see the trees color the landscape.

Run your mousecursor over the small pumpkins to your left to see the mouseover effects.

bulletPlease read and agree with the Terms of Use before downloading these images.

bulletPlease download this to your hard drive and upload to your own server. Do not link to mine.

bulletA link to http://www.pointoffocus.com is required on each page this set or any of it's images are used, preferrably with the image below.

The set shown here is adaptable. You can use the original images from the mouseover graphics to create your own "overs" accentwhich you can then use by replacing your images for mine if your page names are different from those provided. You will just need to add that name to the javascript code.

These are the buttons that are also available with this set. If you prefer not to use the mouseovers you can delete the javascripting and the over images from the code and use these buttons instead or in addition to. There are also blank buttons in each style which you can configure to your own specs. If you need help in adding text to a few buttons feel free to write to me. If you need a lot of buttons done feel free to hire me : )

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sign buttonview button

The font I used is Zeppelin 2
text color for lighter buttons is 663306
text color for darker buttons is cf7e3f (mouseovers)

You can download the zip file here.

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