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I don't think this really should have been named "pierced" it's just what came into my mind while I was making it. : ) It started out totally different and it was red! How I got to this set is beyond me but I do hope you like it.

Instead of the usual linking method I used the coordinates of an image map. If you look at the code you will see where I have placed psuedolinks and you would just need to change these to the names of your pages.

I was interested in using some asymmetry, thus the difference in the side images.

This page is also set up with three expander images at the base of the left column to add 600 pixels to the length. You can add additional expander images to lengthen the page in 200 pixel increments.

You need to watch the lower borders and you will have to adjust these each time you adjust the page length but it's doable and it's not that difficult.

You can still use the right click to download the pictures to your own hard drive. Choose the save picture as option after right clicking on the image you want to save.

There is a blank button in the zip file should you need to add more page links. This button would reside in the body and can't be added to the side.

bulletYou can download the zip file here.

Please read the Terms Of Use . Only if you agree with these and agree to abide by them should you take these graphics and just to remind you these must be saved to your own hard drive. You will find the logo graphic in the zip file and it needs to be placed on each page these graphics are used

The font I used for the buttons is Boomerang
suggested colors=fde499, 94844e

Point of Focus Graphics


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