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This borderset is constructed of tables upon tables and it's important to maintain the height and width attributes although scrolling is allowed. When you add images and text here the page will just increase in size without displacing the images at the sides, top and bottom.


The images to your right and left have mouseover effects which you can see when your cursor runs over them. I've given you eight buttons with another eight that provide the mouseover effect.

All images and the page text are included in the zip file as well as two blank buttons (the mouseon and mouseoff) for you to customize.

This ensemble comes complete with a splash page which you can view here.  It will open to a new window, just close it to return here.

The font used for the buttons is
Trebuchet MS
color code is #9b8fa0
size is 14p
The font color used on this page is #503b51

You can download the zip file here

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As always a link back to is required and appreciated.

Point of Focus Graphics

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