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I was just wanting to do something different and here seemed the perfect opportunity. Using nested tables I also inserted image files in this area as you see at the top and base of this text area to give it a little more pizzazz.

This is not a simple set and some knowledge of table coding and HTML in general is helpful. The side images are not background images and will not scroll. In order to create a longer document without displacing the side images you need to add additional side images to lengthen the page.

There are several ways to configure it this one I've created for you but you could change the combination of images and it would be a bit different.

Please read the Terms of Use before taking any of these images. You must agree to abide by them too. : )

Please download these to your own hard drive and upload them to your own server.

You are required to link this set back to on each page these graphics are used preferrably with the image below.

You can download the zip file here. It includes the coding for the tables and all images that go with this set. The header graphic you will receive is blank so you can add your own text.

These are some examples of the type of buttons you will find with this set.

home buttonnext buttonback button

The font I used for the buttons is Trebuchet MS


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Point  of Focus

thanks for waiting!