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Grecian Gold is available for use by personal websites provided you agree to comply with the Terms of Use.

If you have a commercial site and wish to use these images please see the Terms of Services.


Grecian Gold is set up in a series of tables. The main table consists of two columns into which all of the other tables are placed. A knowledge of HTML and tables is helpful when setting this up.

The menu at your left is divided and inserted into a table complete with mouseover images. There are blank buttons available too if you'd prefer not to use the menu or need additonal links.

bulletAll images must be downloaded to your hard drive and uploaded to your server. Do not link to mine.

bulletA link back to is required on each page these graphics are used preferrably with the logo image below.

Some examples of the buttons included with this set:


The font used for these buttons is Verdana
color= R-51 G-68 B-60

This guestbook image is created for this set. It is in its own table, diced and ready for you to add your page links.

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You can download the zip file here.


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Point of Focus


The fonts used to create these images were obtained from Gab's Graphics


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