This pageset is a little conservative and fanciful at the same time. The surrealistic flower has a dreamy effect while the melding of similiar colors gives it a serious effect. One great thing about it is that it's easy to use. If you have a limited knowledge of HTML and you are just beginning to make a home on the web, this is not difficult. There is no java script to worry about, nor do you need to worry about side images coming apart if you add an image or text. As you add to this page, the length will automatically increase and the effect will remain smooth. I have indicated ( in the source code )the cell in which your text and images should be contained and if you keep within that you will not have problems.

Included in the zip file are the 3 backgrounds you will need to set this up as well as the top and bottom image. Each top and bottom image is actually comprised of three pieces so your pages will load a bit faster but don't let that worry you, use the source code provided here and the pieces will fit together well. That's basically all there is to it and you're good to go. Easy huh? I've included the navigational images as well but if you use text links that will look very nice too!

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The font used in the buttons is Vagabond

The color of the font I used in the buttons is the same color as that of the page but has a cutout and dropped shadow effect applied to make it stand out. If you don't have the means to do that you will need to choose another color.

recommended font colors

Download the zip file of all images and this page's source code here.

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Point of Focus Graphics

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