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This is a simplier set to apply to your pages. No problem with adding text and images the border will just continue to lengthen without displacing any graphics.


I named this Flannel Pajamas, because it just reminded me of something fuzzy and warm. I was going to name it purple fuzz...but that sounded pretty unappealing. : )





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bulletRight click your mouse on an image and choose "save picture as" from the menu that pops up. Choose the folder you wish to save in from the dialogue box and click ok. Do the same for each background image and the top and bottom image.

bulletOr you can download a zip file of all of the images, some additional buttons and the HTML file here.

bulletThe top and base images are actually a total of 4 images. Each image consists of two parts so they will load a bit faster.

bulletPlease download all graphics to your hard drive.

bulletPlease place the logo graphic below on each page you use these graphics with a link back to

bulletIf you have any questions about the Terms of Use you can read them here

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