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The saying is "you can never be too young, too pretty or too rich" and I guess I can add you can never have too many diamonds. : )

I really had trouble naming this one. First it was Diamond Stripes, (boring) then it was Tuxedo (nah just not right), then it was Bedazzled which is very appropriate but I have another one I'm working on that already was given that name (I hate to change things). Then something about the deco look and the stripes made it a little less formal looking and a little more fun, and so Fancy Pants seemed to fit.

As with my other websets the length can be altered by adding the expander images I have provided in the zip file. Your text must stay within the boundaries I've outlined and must not cause this table to extend or you will not have a smooth effect. Other than that it was a gas to make and I think it would look very elegant on your page. If you do use this please let me know by emailing me your URL so I can take a peek. : )

If you'd like to view the other longer version of this page and the buttons and divider images click here. A new window will open, just close to return here.

You can download the zip file here.

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