This is named dots for obvious reasons. It is a little more complex in it's set up of tables but if you use the source code provided it should not be too difficult.

Dots is available to personal website builders as linkware. Please agree to the Terms of Use prior to downloading.

If you are a commercial website builder this set is available for licensing. Please see the Terms of Services. or go directly to Kagi secure form to purchase.

The menu at the left is set up in it's own table within a table cell and is diced into many images just because I don't like the link area to encompass an area larger than the actual link. It comes to you complete with mouseover effects. Run your cursor over it to view the effect.

Some already textualized buttons are available with this set as well as two sizes of blank buttons for you to add additional text to.


small buttonmedium button

bulletPlease remember to download these images to your own hard drive and upload to your own server. Do not link to mine.

bulletA link back to http://www.pointoffocus.com is required on each page these images are used, preferably with the logo image below.


bulletThe font used is Arial
bulletcolor: R=145 G=196 B=197

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