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Cranberry Swirl is available for use to personal website builders. Please read the Terms of Use before downloading these images.

Commercial site builders may license Cranberry Swirl. Please read the Terms of Services or go directly to Kagi to purchase this set.


This set is configured in tables to maintain the alignment of the images which are actually many smaller images that make up the whole. Instead of the normal 3 rows, this set has 5 rows which were necessary to maintain a shorter loading time.

Top and bottom "plaques" are fit with text here just for demonstration. You will receive the blank images to add your site or page title to them and your URL.

The side images are backgrounds to the cells and will automatically repeat as you add text and images to the central section. You do not need to add additional images to the sides.

This set comes complete with matching accesories as shown here. The button included is blank as shown so you maybutton add your own text. The guestbook image is given to you in two forms. Here it is diced and set up in a table to be linked in that fashion. If you prefer to set it up as an image map I've included the image as a whole.

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bulletPlease download to your hard drive and upload to your server. Do not link to mine.

bulletA linkback to http://www.pointoffocus.com is required on each page these graphics are used preferably with the logo image below.

Download the zip file here.

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The dingbat font used to create this set from Digital Attitudes.

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