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This set started out as a tribute to July 4th celebrations. It was sort of an angled border with golden rods connecting the circles. I just couldn't get it as I wanted it. It ended as you see it due to an inspiration from a site that is definately breathtaking as is the artwork you will find there. It is a site that in my estimation is one to strive toward creating. Aspirations to Sweetness is an eloquently written and perfectly designed webplace. It's simple elegance and affective warmth set it apart from most others and prompt me to call it a webplace in lieu of website. You will feel as elegant there as in a mansion and as cozy as in a cottage.




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blank button for you to customizeblank button for you to customize


The Font used for the buttons is Comic Sans MS
Color code for the blue text=#1a0a60


Right click your mouse in a blank space in the background to take it. Choose "save background as". This will bring up a dialogue box. Choose the drive and folder where you wish to download to and click save. Right click on any button or bar, choose the "save picture as" option. This will bring up a dialogue box. Choose the drive and folder you wish to save in and click save. : )


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