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accentBlueberry Hill is available as linkware to personal website builders. Please see the Terms of Use prior to downloading this set.

Commercial sites interested in using this set, please see the Terms of Services.

This set is again set up in tables. The areas at the top and base are designed as title and URL plaques,accent however you can add text and configure it as an image map with linkage to additional pages. The images you receive in the zip file are blank. Mouseover buttons at the sides complete the effect. You can add as many mouseover buttons as you need. I've just added 4 as an example.

Additional buttons can be added to the body(I've provided the blank one) and a few other embellishments are also included with this set as shown below.

blank navigational button

bulletPlease download to your hard drive and upload to your server. Do not link to mine.

bulletA link back is required on each page these images are used preferrably with the linking logo below.

Download the zip file here.

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Font used for this set from Digital Attitudes.

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