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Often called the Queen of Gems, Pearls are rare, coveted and a symbol of wealth and royalty.

This web set is dedicated to Jann, a wonderful person and extremely talented web designer who is the author of the web place, Aspirations to Sweetness. It is not often, perhaps only once in a lifetime, that one can meet an individual who is kind and generous, who excels in their undertakings and also possesses the qualities of integrity and humility. That person is a pink pearl who will shine their magical light on all around them and who will have the ability to reach deep into our hearts and spirits. Jann you are that pink pearl.

Thank you Jann,for touching my life and my spirit, for being a person we should all strive to be, for giving us Aspirations to Sweetness, virtually and in reality.

Pink Pearls is available as linkware to personal websites provided you agree to comply with the Terms of Use.If you have a commercial site and wish to use this set please see the Terms of Services.

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menu base
This is the dainty navigational menu that is available with this set. It can be found in the Zip file without text so you may add your own links. It is diced and set up in a table. Run your cursor over the buttons to see the mouseover effects. There are also separate buttons which match this set, a welcome graphic and a guest book image map that is set up with the coordinates mapped for you. The button shown here is a blank example of what you will find in the zip file already having text applied.

blank button


The font used for the buttons you will find in the zip file is Arial Bold
size 14
R=102, G=87, B=155
There is a definite method to setting up this set. The main side image files are are divided into two parts and must be used together (left and right side1 and side 2 images). These will blend with the lower corner files and thus can be used as is. If you desire a longer page there are expansion images which must be used in a particular order and this is apparent in the source code. Thus if you desire to add additional side images you must add the expander1 images to both sides following the original side images (in between the first and subsequent sets of side images). But lets say you do not wish to increase the length of your pages by the almost 500 pixels this set of images provides and you find you need just a bit more space. I have created an image called expander2 (both left and right) which follow the two side images and blend with the lower corner images for a smooth effect and a page length increase of 102 pixels.


Please download the zip file to your hard drive and upload to your server. Do not link to mine.

A link back to is required on each page these images are used preferably with the logo image below.


You can download the zip file here. It includes 12 separate buttons, the header graphic, the navigational and guestbook image maps, all the side, top and corner images, the bullet and divider images, the backgrounds and the HTML source code.

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Point of Focus

Dings used in the creation of this set by Digital Attitudes and Hidden Jewels.

Thank you for waiting!
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