This set was chosen as the Featured Background Set of the Week for December 5, 1999 at the Finnish Translation Site of Give Credit Where Credit is Due!! Thank you Jenni!

Welcome image

I'm not saying my computer is haunted exactly but PSP closed on me all by itself while I was creating this one. The first time I hadn't saved the layered file yet ....Duh.... and had to start all over. It was then called lacey gold and was a little bit different but when I was reworking it it suddenly appeared to look like small angels hovering in flight.

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There are 9 additional buttons included in the zip file for a total of 12 buttons as well as a blank button for you to add your own text. You will also receive the welcome header as you see it and a blank one in case you'd prefer to place the title to your site instead.

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home button

The font for the buttons is Folkard
Recommended color=#B4A265 or #9E9166
(I used a glossy gold filter)

In order to set this up you should have at least a working knowledge of HTML and tables.

The images at the sides will not lengthen automatically. Depending on the length of your page you will have to add aditional images to maintain the smooth effect.

If you use this set please write to me so I may see it and add you to my list of well dressed sites.

You can download the zip file here.

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