Opium is a bright golden borderset with an oriental flair. It's sophisticated and elegant.

Opium is offered as linkware to personal websites. Please be familiar andaccent agree to comply with the Terms of Use prior to downloading any images.

If you are a commercial site and are interested in Opium please see the Terms of Services.

You can download all of the images and the source code in the zip file provided.

This set will lengthen automatically as you add text and images to this area. There is no need to add additional images.

The menu at your left is in the zip file as one solid element. On this page it is configured as an image map. You need just replace the pound sign with your links. If you prefer you could dice it and use it without the mapping.

The back, next and home navigational elements are statically placed on the lower portion of this page. They are a part of the lower central image. They accentare configured as an image map. If you use this source code you just need to replace the pound sign ( # ) with your link.

The header image (the central top image) that you will receive in the zip file is also blank so you can add the title of your site.

Please upload these graphics to your own server. Do not link to mine.

A link back to http://www.pointoffocus.com is required on each page these images are used, preferrably with the logo image below.

Download the zip file here

Point of Focus

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